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Something Written (1994-1996)
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Ilya Geller wrote these works in 1996-97 while he studied English and philosophy at the same time. (He already had studied Mathematics and Physics for a few years.) They represent the first attempt to create an anti- Newtonian mechanics based on the terms of Topology and, therefore, to establish the systematized foundation for an anti- Cartesian metaphysics. And, of course,

    • objectivity is denied; subjectivity is used instead;
    • a new Arithmetic is used: assumed, that one is equal to zero and, evidently, one plus one is not two;
    • Algebra is rejected; Differential analyzes is used instead;
    • Cartesian system of coordinate and the theory of external relations are rejected; the internal relations theory and topological system of coordinate are used instead;
    • the concept of material points is rejected; changes inside a point are considered instead;
    • Geometry is rejected - all its Axioms and Theorems are rejected; instead of Geometry Topology is used.

The reason for this endeavor is that Ilya Geller deduced that if "every body continues in its state of rest, or of uniform motion in a straight line, unless it is compelled to change that state by forces impressed upon it" (the second Law of Newton), then there is a world of abstract objects that are at rest (solids) and a world of detectable objects that are in motion.

Ilya Geller is positive that if Newton's mechanics work well with the abstract Euclidean geometry for bodies that may be in the state of rest, the substantive mechanics of Topology (dynamical non-Euclidean geometry) for objects that are not at rest and that are not in a state of uniform motion is a definite necessity!

(Newton's Laws are the limiting case for 64 Laws of New Mechanics (trigonometrical functions are equal to the nothingness, to 0/1); Geometry is the limiting case for Topology; Algebra is the limiting case for Differential Analyses: abstractions are the limit for a/any function.)

New Mechanics: The Foundation
A Sketch Concerning The 'New' Foundation Of Science After Physics

The ultimate test for any theory is practice and the first test is passed, is not it? Is not it?..

Yes, now it is!

Something Written (1994-1996)

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