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LexiClone proudly announces the first in the human history sell of the Virtual Immortality! You can find our prices and conditions Here

We sell UniSearch-3.1 - the program that is both a search technology aimed at finding customized information via automated search requests and a flagship search product by LexiClone:

  • It deploys LexiFilter, an application that screens out the searched content against the custom-developed search criteria;
  • It runs LexiDigest, an application that summarizes all documents that meet the search criteria into personalized summaries;
  • It creates a database of records.
UniSearch-3.1 is the most efficient searching mechanism ever built: it uses up to 1024 search criteria.

However, in the light of existing investment into less advanced search systems, LexiFilter and LexiDigest are available as stand-alone and integration-ready products corporate and service provider customers can deploy to meet narrower search optimization goals.

We sell LexiFilter is the workhorse of the LexiClone product family. This is the piece of the technology that revolutionizes any search setup by plugging into existing database and working with existing search interfaces. This is the proverbial black box that will make search results much more accurate and relevant to end users. Please see its working prototype at Ask Clones a Question

We sell LexiDigest - the program that creates digests of texts. It could be attached to any search tool you have and you will get digests of the found texts instead of their texts. Please see its working prototype at Case Study Digesting

We provide:

  • Technical support;
  • Update of all products;
  • Training.

You may order an evaluation copy of UniSearch-3.1.

For more information please see LexiClone Highlights

To order the program contact our Sales Group

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