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LexiClone makes your essence, your internal nature immortal by creating your Virtual Clone, which replicates your intellectual ability along with your way of thinking and your psychology. To illustrate, you may speak with Clones of Bernard Shaw and Plato to see what a Virtual you might act like forever after you are not around.

LexiClone can make you immortal for your friends, children and grandchildren to talk to you forever! You have the following options to become immortal:

1. If you donate more than $20 for our research of the Virtual Immortality we will send you a certificate that you are a part of our great enterprise.

2. You can have a special access to clones of the Virtually Immortal people that are not on the site – for a one time $50 fee, per one year. They will honestly answer all your questions.

3. We will create and send you a summary of any text (smaller than 1 Megabyte) that could be used for making you immortal for a one time $50 fee.

4. We will create and place your Virtual Clone on our site if you send us preferred/created by you texts (e-mails, articles, books) in an electronic form. These texts will be used to build a Virtual You, available for a chat 24/7 for the eternity to come on a private server. This service is list-priced at $1,000, plus reasonable annual maintenance fees.

5. To build your Clone (if you send us preferred/created by you texts (e-mails, articles, books) in an electronic form) that only your friends and family can access (for the eternity to come on a private server) costs $1,500 per year, plus reasonable annual maintenance fees.

6. We can create your Clone and place it on our site - this service starts at $30,000.

7. With a suitable R&D grant we could custom-build The First Artificial Creatures and install your Virtual Clone on one of them. We guarantee that your Clone will be installed on each generation of Artificial Creatures that our company or our successors will create during the next 25 years, after we will make The First Artificial Creature. This service starts at $10,000,000.00 and gives your immortality a fighting chance.

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