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Speak with FIˇSTARC

Here, we show the proof of our concept: we demonstrate how our program can find a sentence that match any your request by its sense.

The First Intelligent STARC is an Artificial Intellect with limited capabilities. The FIˇSTARC can think in the sense of G.Ryle ("Dilemmas", Cambridge at the University Press, 1954).

You may speak with FIˇSTARCs of these Clones:

Bernard Shaw
Fyodor Dostoevsky
President G.Bush

Please, take into account an Original Clone's Answer's compatibility (a percentage value in square brackets.) Preferably, a compatibility value should be greater than 10-15%. If the compatibility value is below the 7% threshold the texts used for cloning may be inadequate and failed to provide enough material to build a real Clone.

We asked FIˇSTARCs: How should we prosecute terrorists, murderers who kill innocent people? What should we do with them? Should we kill them in return?

The Clone of Plato's answered with the Compatibility 25.5% How should we answer him, Socrates

Low compatibilities of Plato's answer could be explained by the lack of terrorists and of the free press 2.500 years ago... Consequently, do not ask Clones something that they do not and cannot know! more>>>

The Clone of Bernard Shaw (20th century) answered the same question with the Compatibility 19.8% Who are we that we should judge them more>>>

Fedor Dostoevsky said with the Compatibility 14.7% And so we did more>>>

A brief "Answer" is a FIˇSTARC's one, intended to distillate a lexical structure of a Clone's answer, for our Writer Project .

By the way, President G.Bus said:
This is our calling
with the Compatibility 23.6% answering our question: Is Saddam Hussein our enemy? Should we destroy him?
After that we asked him: How should we prosecute...
The answer: 4.7%, And the rules are, we got to do everything we can to protect you

To order an evaluation version of FIˇSTARC please contact our Sales Group

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