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LexiClone technology breaths new life into e-commerce. Through a product called Virtual Agent LexiClone dramatically improves efficiencies in matching end users and merchants. With Virtual Agents involved, online marketplace becomes much better organized.

For instance, you are looking to purchase a children's toy and to do that initiate a search under a toy category. A general Internet search would likely come with millions of probable answers, mixing up children's' toys with sex toys, along with non-relevant items such as newspaper articles about toys, general mentions of the word "toy" in private e-mails, and so forth. With a LexiClone search, the context in which you are searching would be clearly stated even if you don't bother defining your search any further, and the list you'd get will cover only children's toys available for sale.

Initial implementations of LexiClone's technology in the e-commerce arena are aimed at merchants selling and buying books, magazines and papers via the Internet.

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