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LexiClone got started with the idea to create a better search engine that would compete with Google and Northern Light... But... There is always a "but", is not it?

In our case all ends that ends well – along with achieving our goal of creating a better search methodology we created Artificial Intelligence.

Below see samples of us having a conversation with cloned intellect of
Bernard Shaw

We asked them the following question: "How should we prosecute terrorists, murdeerrs who kill innocent people? What should we do with them? Should we kill them in return?"

The answers were:
Who are we that we should judge them
When we believe in ourselves, we shall kill them
[7.8% Late Show Top Ten Archive January 14, 2002]
I think we all know what she should do (photo of Dave on Oprah's show)
What then is to be done
Give me the power to kill them; and I'll spare them in sheer-- CAPTAIN SHOTOVER [cutting in sharply]

We asked President George W. Bush: "What should we do with Saddam, this tyrant, murder and liar? What should we do with the man who hates what we stand for and believe in? Do we have the right to topple him?"

The Bush Clone responded:
[7.3% President Meets with Displaced Workers in Town Hall Meeting]
I think the best thing we can do in America to -- first of all, you can't make people do what they don't want to do
[7.0% President Meets with Displaced Workers in Town Hall Meeting]
THE PRESIDENT: Well, we do
[7.0% President Meets with Displaced Workers in Town Hall Meeting]
What can I do
[6.0% President Stresses Budget Discipline and Fiscal Restraint]
I'm proud to have worked with members of Congress to pass a bill which says, here in America, we believe in high standards when it comes to educating children; that we will challenge the soft bigotry of low expectatio
[5.8% President Meets with Displaced Workers in Town Hall Meeting]
What do I need to know about what might occur to make sure that I can come in front of the folks in Orlando, Florida, and say we're doing everything in our power, or we have every option in our power to keep you safe

You are welcome to test the limits of Artificial Intelligence that we have built. You may try ask any other questions you want. In fact, you are welcome to buy the software and try run it on your home computer with your choice of clones.

Now, please ask clones any question

To see texts that were used for cloning please click Here

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