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New Technological Line

  • New LexiClone Inc. at CLEF WiQA (for CLEF WiQA 2006)
  • On Information for an Object (published at NIST TREC 2006)
  • Differential Linguistics at NIST TREC (published at NIST TREC 2005, November 2005)
  • Differential Linguistics (published at CML-2005 Conference in Bulgaria, September 2005)
  • Principles of a New Mechanics (re-writing, January 2005)
  • Textual Continuity (November 2004)
  • Text Translation by Means of Translation of Predicative Definitions (Published in Kazanskiy University, Russsia. November 2004)
  • Summarization by Means of the Lexical Cloning Method (Published in "Web Journal of Formal, Computational & Cognitive Linguistics", Russia. October 2004)
  • LexiClone Inc. and NIST TREC 2004 (Published at NIST TREC 2004)
  • Artificial Intelligence: A Decision? (re-writing, September 2004) (re-writing, September 2004)
  • In Search of a Living Language (re-writing, September 2004)
  • Cynicism and Preposition "In"
  • The Role and Meaning of Predicative and Non-predicative Definitions in the Search for Information (Published at NIST TREC 2003)

    Old Articles
  • An Artificial Intelligence by LexiClone
  • Patent's Description
  • The Role and Meaning of Consciousness, the Subconscious and Intuition in the Search for Information
  • In Search of a Living Language
  • Artificial Intelligence: A Decision?
  • Old Stuff (UniSearch.net)
  • Поиск в Интернете и обратная связь (Russian)
  • Роль и значение Сознания, Подсознания и Интуиции в поиске Информации (Russian)
  • Роль и значение Сознания (Russian)
  • More Theory

  • National Science Foundation about LexiClone
  • Overview of the TREC 2003 Question Answering Track

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