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Writer Project

To search for information even by using a general idea as a guide is one thing. But to create new and meaningful information in a form of a text automatically is an entirely new level of development with computer applications.

We are planning to get to that level by using Clones of dead and of alive public personalities as writers. Imagine Dostoevsky writing a new book about an Arab terrorist lacking Judeo-Christian values flying an airplane into a New York City building on Sept. 11. Or Homer writing about the tragic fate of Russian Stalingrad, a city leveled by one of the most fierce battles fought during World War II. Or Hitler putting down on paper his ideas about the political system of Israel. Or a book of love sonnets authored by Bill Gates.

We at LexiClone believe creating such works of the written word is more than science fiction. Through our technology, dead can continue to live in their writings and alive can write the works they might not have skill or time to complete in their lifetime.

Indeed, what is a text? It's a summarization of one's subjective ideas and feelings towards a group of subjects and objects in a prescribed order. We believe that summaries of "key" phrases from the living and diseased public figures contain all the information LexiClone needs to use their brainpower for writing on a given theme.

Are we going to try and sell new books of Nietzsche, Homer and Shakespeare? If our Writer Project gains traction, we will definitely explore that possibility.

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