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Yes, we are creating a Golem – a Second Thinking Artificial Creature ( STARC ) which will be an event that will sure become a milestone recorded in history books.

Why do we call this creature "Artificial?" To understand that think of internal and external plurality that makes us humans so complex of beings: an Artificial Creature should somehow feel the feedback it gets from the outside world and from inside. Understandably, making a STARC feel would be impossible without either a virtual or a physical body. Since giving the Creature a body is not an option for now we are sticking with creating a virtual Golem, differences of which from a man have been explained at length by many writers analyzing ancient Jewish philosophy. (See http://www.califiabooks.com/finepress/l/landmarks.html for more info).

Why do we believe this creature we are about to create will be thinking? We believe we have discovered both the reason why humans think and the method employed when thinking. If our assertion is valid, a STARC would:

  1. create meaningful and new information, ,
  2. be able to study and to consume new information,
  3. act logically and rationally, like some humans do,
  4. be able to make mistakes, like all of humans do,
  5. be able to fix mistakes, like humans usually do not.

We believe a STARC will do all of the above by using the following algorithm

As a part of STARC project we plan to develop Professional Advisors, such as Legal Advisor, Accountant, Broker, Programmer, Secretary, etc.

And lastly, why did we call a STARC the "second" thinking creature? We humbly assert that Homo Sapience has a priority in being called the "first" thinking creature. Also, "STARC" sounds better than Golem. If you wonder what a STARC would look like you can watch Stanley Kubrick’s "2001: A Space Odyssey" once again.

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