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Publishing Industry

LexiClone provides new opportunities for publishing industry as it plans to keep summaries of end users accessing various LexiClone-powered services in a single master database, which the company plans to research to estimate readers' cumulative reaction to new manuscripts and to gauge individual reaction to particular printed products. Think of LexiClone as the biggest focus group in the world, which can automatically turn out the noise and suddenly concentrate all of its attention on a single individual. As such:

    • LexiClone technology can help estimate the exact number of copies of new books, magazines and newspapers that are about to be printed,
    • LexiClone can furnish publishers with the list of the most prospective clients and a detailed description of their interests,
    • LexiClone can help publishers develop printed materials individuals might find irresistable,
    • LexiClone could inform writers about the current interests and needs of specific audiences through custom polls.

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