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2. September 27, 2004 - LexiClone Completes Personal Internet Vehicle Testing

LexiClone Takes New Corporate Identity

March 11, 2002 – New York City

Innovative maker of search software shifts product line to meet growing demand from the legal industry, hires industry veterans to meet business development goals.

LexiClone, a New York City-based provider of software solutions for vertical industries, shifted its focus to concentrate on products and services for the legal industry by launching a new product line and hiring an all star executive team.

A startup sitting on several patents covering a radically new approach to search, LexiClone is launching a new line of products that adapt its technology specifically for the needs of the legal industry.

"Individual attorneys and law firms stand to save lots of money by using our tools instead of manual labor and specialized services like Lexis-Nexis," said LexiClone’s founder and Chief Technologist Ilya Geller.

A special Legal Edition of UniSearch 3.1 can help attorneys create summaries of the texts they have not read, and analyze these summaries for exact matches for their queries. A customizable set of interface tools allows legal industry professionals to automate search setup as well, making their work more productive.

A typical use of the application would help a patent lawyer search a patent database for matches of a detailed description of an invention without actually reading through all search hits filed under similar categories and having similar wording in product description.

UniSearch 3.1 demo version is available at www.lexiclone.com for an evaluation and and a test drive.

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