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1. March 11, 2002 - LexiClone Takes New Corporate Identity

LexiClone Completes Personal Internet Vehicle Testing

September 27, 2004 - New York City

Brooklyn, NY - Forget Internet browsers now all visitors to the network of networks can cruise in style in an Internet Vehicle. Designed by LexiClone Inc. Internet Vehicles are on the simplest level like personalized search engines created to make Internet experience unique for individuals. LexiClone's technology allows for end users to develop their personalized profile and then performs Internet-based operations like searches with this profile as a filter. Some of the functions of the Internet Vehicle include facilitating searches, finding merchandize, establishing personal connections and finding entertainment online. For companies using the Net to disseminate such information Internet Vehicles stand for a new way to develop targeted sales, taking online marketing campaign customization to a whole new level.

LexiClone will start taking orders for individual Internet Vehicles via its site www.lexiclone.com in H1 2005.The base model T-10 is expected to retail for $30 a month. LexiClone also plans a luxury line of Internet Vehicles, which would have more advanced personalization characteristics. The working name for the first luxury model is YagelTM and its launch date has not been set yet.

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