Panel Summary #1

PROPOSAL NO.: 0414504

Proposal summary

The main goal of this proposal is to investigate and implement a personalized search software for textual information retrieval based on lexical cloning technology.

Intellectual Merits:


The proposed research is based on lexical cloning technology, which seems to be a competitive technology.


The proposal does not follow the NSF proposal writing guidelines. There is no research plan, no evaluation and validation plan, and has no references to related literature.

The proposal is poorly written and organized, and has several grammatical errors.

The contribution of the proposed work beyond what has already been done and patented is not clear.

The qualifications of the proposer to conduct this research are not well documented.

The proposal does not compare and contrast with related work for user profiling and filtering. In fact, it does not mention any related work.   

The user profile, may provide hints on the user's education and preferences. However, the claim that it could capture the user's cultural and social background and his psychological profile, is a stretch.

Broader Impact:

The proposal does not mention any potential broader impact.
More over, because of proprietary technology issues, it is not clear if other researchers would benefit from this research.


NSF funded investigators are expected to produce and disseminate their results to the research communities. Therefore, the PI needs to be explicit on complying with this issue.

The PI may consider consulting with experienced researchers on ways to write proposals and comply with the guidelines.

The PI may consider submitting his proposal, after rewriting it to comply with the guidelines and taking the reviewers' comments into account, to SBIR.


The panel rates this proposal as not competitive.
The proposal is poorly written, does not comply with NSF proposal writing guidelines, and it does not have a substantial contribution beyond what has already been done and patented.