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Our Team

Ilya Geller - Founder, President, CEO and Chief Technologist

Ilya Geller, a multi-talented scientist and computer consultant to major companies such as Morgan Stanley. Mr. Geller, who is an expert in the “philosophy of language”, emigrated from Russia to the United States in 1992 and is now a US citizen. He studied mathematics, computer science, civil engineering, psychology, sociology and philosophy in Ulianovsk Polytechnic Institute and Brooklyn College, NY. Mr. Geller’s multi-disciplinary background, combining several areas of science typically thought of as unrelated, has been the critical element in the development of UniSearch.

Alex Syrkin - Technical Officer

A scientist with a background in physics and Computational Linguistic.

Gean Krechner - Customer Relations

More than 20 years of data processing experience as a Senior Quality Assurance Analyst/Tester with emphasis on business and technical relations with clients as well as extensive hands-on Programmer Analyst work history.

Alex Yakushev - Technical Support

Senior application developer with solid programming skills.

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