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LexiClone team has productized its "key" phrases technology as Artificial Intelligence - we "taught" computers to think and speak. We believe we are opening a new era in the development of information technology by enabling machines to make decisions as opposed to perform tasks they have been programmed to do.

Since the field of Artificial Intelligence is too nascent to even imagine the extent of possibilities that applications of this product might have, we sought to apply this solution to existing applications. Our logic is that Artificial Intelligence product will demonstrate superiority of LexiClone technology when applied to some of the most common computerized processes, where "smart" computers will compete with "dumb" computers.

In that vein, we have crafted first instances of Artificial Intelligence applications to further automate the process of search for information. The process of searching for answers within computerized databases is essentially uniform, but specific applications geared to furnish different search results differ between various vertical industries. We have productized our Artificial Intelligence product to perform searches within enterprise intranets, the Internet and with specific databases pertinent to advertising and cataloging industries.

Next, we plan to start using this product to develop a next generation of interactive applications which have been previously stifled by inadequate search technologies developed in the middle of 20th century. The first wave of these applications will likely center around specific online services. Currently we are developing Artificial Intelligence-enabled applications that would improve services such as Online Dating, Online Personals, Entertainment Search and Restaurant Search.

The end game with our R&D efforts within Artificial Development arena is creating a next generation of a programming language with a production name Yagel. An object-oriented language, it would translate human speech into a language understood by computers, therefore eventually eradicating the need for programmers as third party mediators between humans and machines.

As a meta goal, we are hoping to help create the first STARC (Second Thinking Artificial Creature) a creature half way between a computer and a human being but we realize that our R&D resources as a commercial enterprise may be limited to undertake this project without partners.

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