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How many times have you read through a summary consisting of search terms highlighted in chopped up sentences tailored to fit a certain number of characters, not to offer you a concise summary of the document? How many times you wished the search offered more deference to different documents it searches?

LexiDigest is the product for those who want their one-paragraph descriptions of documents to make sense. This tool uses UniSearch profiling technology in order to create summaries of texts with their authors' individuality in mind. By using LexiClone patented written texts analysis technology, LexiDigest weeds through documents with a specific criterion in mind, and creates summaries that answer to end users' desire to see texts' main ideas summarized in a few sentences. Think interactive Clifford Notes.

The principle of LexiClone digesting technology is simple. LexiClone starts out assuming it has insight into lexical habits of the text's author. Lexical habits can be deduced with the following formula: subjects + actions under- and of- them + descriptions of subjects and actions. In order to make a summary LexiClone looks for sentences that contain the highest number of matches with end user's lexical habits.

To create a summary of a text, paste it in the window below and press Enter. For instance, you may create a digest of Ecclesiastes


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