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LexiClone is not like any other software you have ever used. It blends cutting edge language philosophy with the latest search algorithms, offering a unique end user experience. LexiClone is different from any other computer search because:

1. It provides more precise search results. Even when the search is run with only one component of LexiClone, LexiFilter, end users get results that are 1,800 times more precise than with a regular search. LexiFilter works behind the scene to radically improve the quality of search results. The trick is in LexiFilter being able to sort the output lists in accordance with personal summaries of documents: LexiFilter tracks and summarizes end users' lexical habits and performs searches with that information in mind.

2. It is the most accurate search on the market, not in the least because of the advanced filtering technology used by LexiClone. It uses six dynamical, independent and sequential filters where as conventional search mechanisms use one. If measured in absolute numbers, this means where a typical search has a filtering power of 100 units at its disposal, a LexiClone filter deploys a filtering power at least 1,800 times greater.

3. This is not the search that spews out old tired Google results. LexiClone works with documents on the fly by running an advance analytic tool through documents' bodies. LexiClone creates digests of documents, derived from their authors' lexical habits and therefore more accurate than conventional profiles based on key words/phrases, multipage questionnaires and statistics. LexiClone summarizes key subjects in the document, describes their actions and key qualities.

4. You don't have to read through every document you find. Instead, you are getting digests - very short summaries of documents' major ideas that correlate both a search string and a summary in a form of few sentences. (Please see Case Study Digesting for details.)

5. This search is fast. Because of the way the code is written the search runs on any up to date consumer machine. To match documents within a database of any size with end user's personalized summary LexiClone takes only 10-40 seconds (using Pentium IV, 1.1Gb, 256Mb RAM). Benchmark tests have been done with databases up to 1,033 million documents.

6. It is probably the simplest piece of software to install. LexiClone program takes only five Megabytes of hard disk space and runs with any operating system, requiring no changes and changing no part of underlying software.

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