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LexiClone has developed a suite of software applications that provides users with completely customized information retrieval. Hatched as a brainchild of entrepreneur-turned philosopher-turned entrepreneur Ilya Geller, LexiClone is now a late stage startup with pending venture capital funding, a working software product and several beta tests underway. Having reinvented the search, the company aims to revolutionize search experience both for Internet and intranet users. LexiClone's search products run the gamut from general purpose search to industry-specific applications.


Employing LexiClone is

    • Fast
    • Efficient
    • Easy
    • Personalized
    • Smart

LexiClone search results fit individual end users' and corporate needs.

LexiClone frees academic, corporate, commercial, and personal users searching electronically stored data, from libraries to the World Wide Web, from lengthy searches for information while offering a unique level of search results personalization.


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