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Lexical Discovery System (LexiClone)

LexiClone has pioneered the lexical human cloning technology. Using our patented methodology, we now can create virtual clones of computer users by analyzing what they read. The breakthrough is in being able to deduce from end users' reading, writing style or browsing history their professional, educational, cultural background and psychological type. A Virtual Clone can represent individuals within Cyberspace at large and on the Internet in particular. (Please see our Featured Products ). Part two of the breakthrough is to tailor search results to match specific search topics to end users' particulars. We at LexiClone believe "You are what you read" TM and we have written software to capitalize on this knowledge. We found that without our technology common tasks like database searches are still labor-intensive and expensive.

The first implementation of LexiClone technology is in streamlining the process of search. Our lexical clones are created to virtually represent end users in cyberspace and on intranets. LexiClone builds these clones by either analyzing end user's reading-writing on the fly, or scanning existing documents and summarizing them. For users interested in specialized searches LexiClone has developed a set of prefab clones geared for general purpose searches or for specific business purposes, like legal database searches. Clones are plugged into LexiClone algorithm to search for texts that would match the context of individual definitions and search items with the highest degree of precision. Please see Patent's Description for more information.

LexiClone search results thus represent matches that an end user would have ordinarily gotten by reading through every found document and evaluating its usefulness. We have revolutionized the search by teaching the machines to imitate human thinking.

News :

June 18, 2006
Ilya Geller wrote an article LexiClone Inc. at CLEF WiQA for CLEF WiQA 2006 in which he continues the line that he began in the article On Information for an Object .
Ilya Geller invites those who want to discuss his ideas to come at http://www.livejournal.com/users/ilya_yes_no/ in both Russian and English. more>>>>

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